Svend Bayer Exhibition

Svend Bayer Exhibition Live Broadcast from Goldmark Gallery.

You can view available pots by scrolling down this page or by clicking this link >

We were initially inspired to start live broadcasting by the fact that we have, here at the gallery, the last ever exhibition by one of the world’s great potters, Svend Bayer. Bayer has worked for over 3 years making these remarkable pots and has hand selected each piece himself for his final exhibition.

We would normally have many hundreds of people through the door on the first day of such an exhibition and we know that people had planned to fly in from the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark and from all over the world. We are all so disappointed that this will obviously no longer happen.

However, the exhibition is in place, our documentary team is eager to make films and our customers keen to be kept involved. So we started by broadcasting from the show, including a message from Svend Bayer and footage of him at work. This was streamed at 12 noon on 21 March 2020.

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