L.S. Lowry, School Prints and Clive Bowen Slipware

More sunshine in today’s broadcast with some wonderful slipware pots by Clive Bowen and a look at the School Prints series; art made by some of the greatest mid-century artists, specifically for children to look at while daydreaming in the classroom!

The School Prints Series

Towards the end of the Second World War Brenda Rawnsley and her husband Derek had the idea of bringing contemporary art to young children who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to see ‘good’ work. Within a few years Brenda had set up School Prints Ltd to sell original lithographs to schools and had commissioned several of the most important living artists for her scheme.

The printing was undertaken by the Baynard Press from plates drawn by the artists, who were asked to use no more than six colours. The prints, being original lithographs, were often the first real art seen by young people of that period and are typical of their time.

Clive Bowen

Born in Cardiff in 1943, Bowen studied painting and etching at Cardiff Art School before becoming apprenticed to Michael Leach in 1965. In 1971 he bought a property on the North Devon coast. Bowen converted the outbuildings into his workshop, and in 1976 built a double chambered wood kiln, with a capacity of over 400 cu. ft. holding over 1000 pots.
Bowen’s pots add colour, bringing sunshine to our grey days, whether a honey pot on a kitchen worktop, a medieval jug full of flowers on a windowsill or a tall bottle standing in the corner of a room. Having exhibited all over Great Britain, Bowen has also shown in Israel, Denmark and South America and has had several sell out shows in Japan. His work is held in public collections throughout the UK and abroad.

You can view and buy the work featured by scrolling down this page or by visiting our shop >

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